Sunday, February 26, 2006


Since my Handyman web page mentions my geek skills and I am in geek mode today, today's post is going that direction.
File sizes ----
I was looking at a site I may be doing some work on and one page was a picture gallery. It took 30 seconds to download. Now I know 30 seconds doesn't seem that long, right? OK, for the next 30 seconds, do nothing but look at your watch or computer clock if you have seconds turned on. No cheating, 30 seconds. Seems longer now doesn't it. It had 18 pictures and 18 tumbnails. Just the pictures, 180k each, add up to 3200k. That takes about 30 seconds to download on my dsl. Here is a head to head quality comparison. The top picture is 39k and the bottom one is 2200k. I just did an impartial survey and 5 year olds and 8 year olds both prefer the top picture for speed and quality.
Checking the size of your pictures is easy. PC users right click, Mac users CTRL click and look at properties. Anything over 100k on a page for a single photo that just gets viewed on a monitor is probably a bigger file than it needs to be.
When I first started doing websites I made a huge mistake, and it turned out to be wrong on many levels. Someone gave me a disc of MS Word files and wanted me to turn them into a website. I'm looking at the menu item that says "Save as Web Page" and I thought -- this is easy. What I ended up with was this, 20 pages of code. A similar page made with Adobe Golive ( like Dreamweaver) was only 5 pages. That's 4 times as large and 4 times as long to load. If that wasn't enough the pages were pracically impossible to edit. (move, resize pictures, adjust text sizes.)
So . . . keep it simple, small and quick.


At 8:26 PM, Blogger confidante said...

dear mike
I'm a complete idiot when it comes to pictures. So please lend me a hand will you? How do I put a picture on my banner? (see, i'm that stupid) What I do is cut and paste but often the blog says that there are errors, so i have not been successful so far. Thanks

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Mike Handley, Handyman said...

Not sure what you mean by banner, the only place I have a picture is in my profile, wheich is easily done in "edit Profile"
If that's not it let me know and I'll see what I can figure out. You should be able to do it with the proper html. Here's an idea, go into your template (after you have a picture in your profile) and copy that whole line of html and then try to put it in the next line right after the text in your banner. Make sure you know exactly what to take out if it doesn't work. Or you could find a page that you like and use the "page source" menu item in the view menu to see what they did.
Hope that helps.

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I recently bought an old 1925 bungalow in Seminole Heights with the original windows. I'm looking for someone to build authentic-looking screens for the windows. How do I get in touch?
Scott N.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Mike Handley, Handyman said...

Just go to my full profile via the link on this page. That is something I can do. Go to my website at mhandley,com for a pretty complete listing.


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