Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seminole Heights Handyman

I'll be sporadically posting probably mostly providing resources for DIY's working on the old bungalows in Seminole Heights and elsewhere.
Some of my favorite vendors ( more about them later) ----
  • Tampa Bay Hardware (used to be Sparks when I was a kid) --- Hardware, plumbing, electrical, tools, and fasteners (by the piece or pound)
  • North Rome Lumber --- siding, molding, quality lumber, custom work
  • Craftsman Supply --- hardware, molding, quality lumber, custom work
  • Tanner Paint --- the best and most friendly paint store in town
  • Atlas Electric Supply -- ask for Woody
  • Bucks Plumbing Supply --- great selection, service, the best prices (check out the cash register)
  • --- almost everything for the inventor/repairer, delivered to your door for a small fee. Just go browse.
  • Taconazo (taco bus) --- lunch
  • Bo's ---- mmmmmm dessert


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